Friday, April 10, 2015

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Gold Mining in Africa


 However to mine Gold is not an easy process. Especially when you are a local miner. The miners have to mine their Gold by hand. They might not doing it themselves and have people from the village working for them. Still it is an enduring process.
Their workers have to do the labour through out the day, even when the sun is high and shine at its maximum. They don't have machines to carry the Gold for them, so they have to carry it themselves.
Sometimes there will be losses and sickness among the workers. This due to the small quantity of water and food, the workers are consuming on a work day.

Besides the sun and the small quantity of water and food, the workers also face another danger and that is being attacked while mining the Gold. The workers will be robbed from the exploited Gold and risk not to be paid as well. To mine Gold is hard labour with a very small salary for the workers and risk of losing their lifes over a small quantity of Gold.

Mining Gold by hand is a time consuming labour. There

Some miners will work together to mine their Gold. This way they can secure their assets and keep each others backs. 


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